Who Are We?

...we are a company run by disabled people working to provide mobility solutions for disabled people.

and why do we do it?...
Run by wheelchair users
'We understand
how it feels'

Adapt Ability is owned and run by wheelchair users Cristian Brownlee and Matthew Walker. Their own experience with disability gives them an intuitive understanding of what other people with limited mobility look for in their mobility solutions.

Matt has a T10 spinal injury which has left him permanently paralysed from the waist down.

Cristian has a T4 spinal injury which has left him permanently paralysed from the chest down.

Game Changing Functionality & Aesthetics
'We found something incredible'

Cristian and Matt have both used an Omeo for nearly 4 years each and believe passionately in its game changing functionality and aesthetics. They both testify that it has changed their lives radically for the better and they wanted to be able to share that incredible benefit with as many people as possible.



The Team
Cristian Brownlee

Innovations Manager

"When do I get to adopt all of the dogs?"

Matt Walker

Business Evolution Manager

"So let me get this straight...I get to ride an Omeo ...and it's work!?"

Tina Walczyk

Servicing Ninjaneer

"We all know the saying...behind every great man...!"


Head of Puplick Relations

"They couldn't do any of it without me!"

The mobility industry
'We want to provide something better'

It is important to Matt and Cristian to be able to offer not only the latest in mobility technology, but provide an essential quick and efficient service. They know and experience how important a piece of mobility equipment can be to the simple function of someone's day


with a company you can trust

Change Your Life for the Better

Adapt Ability Ltd is a Member of the BHTA