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Buying an Omeo: How the Access to Work scheme could help

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Would you love to own one of our active power wheelchairs, but have other demands on your budget right now? The good news is that, regardless of your income, savings or (most) benefits, you could be eligible for support to buy one through Access to Work.

Access to Work is the government scheme that can help you get or stay in work if you have a physical or mental health condition, illness or disability. The support you receive will depend on your needs and can include a grant to help pay for practical support with your work.

Happily, some of our customers have already successfully used Access to Work to buy their Omeo, and are now loving the freedom of our innovative mobility kit.

Guiding you through the application process

But the process of applying for Access to Work can feel intimidating, so we’ve teamed up with Mandy-Jayne (M-J) Layce, Director of Accessibility Partners, to make it easier for our customers to find their way through.

Accessibility Partners helps disabled people to access the government funding they need to enable them to fairly access the workplace.

Drawing on her personal experience of applying for Access to Work – and many years of guiding others through what can feel a daunting process – M-J is passionate about the work she does. She is committed to enabling other disabled people to get the support they need.

As she points out: ‘We’ve put men on the moon but we can’t get me on the tube. As a disabled person, we all know it’s a challenge to access anything, but I’ve been navigating this system since 2003.’

A knowledgeable, kind and focused approach

Over the years, M-J has developed a wealth of knowledge of what information is needed, in what form and at what time, when applying for Access to Work. Her kind and focused approach means she’s also a reassuring presence as she guides applicants through.

‘Access to Work is about supporting inclusion, equality and the freedom of people living with a disability,’ she explains. ‘We want to be workful. Workfulness is a way for us to start feeding back into the economy, to imagine and be hopeful. Work has saved my life.

‘At Accessibility Partners, we know how to access government funding in a right and equitable way that’s also reasonable for the public purse.’

Helping you access the funding you need

M-J became a wheelchair user in 2006. Now an enthusiastic Omeo user herself (‘It’s the only device that gets me where I want to go’), she is a trained teacher, advocate, professional coach and therapeutically trained. She is also currently training to become a social worker.

‘I want to help people know they’re valuable, looking good and feeling good,’ she explains. ‘I love what I do and do what I love. At Accessibility Partners, we’re very proud to be working with Adapt Ability.

Access to Work is a challenge we’re happy to take on!’

So how does Accessibility Partners’ support for our customers work?

  1. You see the Omeo or Adapto active power wheelchair. You try it. You love it. You decide it’s for you. One of our Adapt Ability team calls your to ensure our APW is the right kit for you.

  2. If you’d like to apply for help with funding via Access to Work, we can refer you to Accessibility Partners at this stage – if we don’t, please do ask.

  3. M-J gets in touch with you to arrange an initial online or (if necessary) face-to-face conversation to check that you meet the Access to Work eligibility criteria.

  4. If you do, she will guide you through your Access to Work application, including helping you to measure up and get the right paperwork in place in advance to speed up the process.

  5. Reassuringly, you benefit from M-J’s expert support to apply for Access to Work at no cost to you.

Growing customers’ independence and joy

'It's great to have M-J and Accessibility Partners on board,' confirm Adapt Ability's directors Cristian and Matt. 'It's important for us to be able to offer not only the latest in mobility technology, but also provide an essential, quick and efficient service. We know from experience how important a piece of mobility equipment can be to the simple function of someone's day.'

Want to know more about the Access to Work scheme?

See To find out more about M-J and Accessibility Partners see


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