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Matt's Wheelie Useful Stuff #1

Updated: May 25, 2022

My selection of useful gadgets and accessories for wheelchair life, some I use and some I would like to...

'Matthew Walker'

1) The Sling Bag

I use this bag nearly every day as it holds all the important stuff like phone, keys, wallet and even medical bits like catheters.

I can wear it across my body where its secure, and it doesn't get in the way of my wheelchair use.

Its discreet and stylish and I wouldn't be without mine!

There are loads out there on the market, but the one I use is this one from Amazon and it costs £13.99

Shopping Link...

2) Juice Box

Another staple that I carry around in my Sling bag (above) is a juice box or power bank. It means that if my phone, headphones or tablet battery runs out I can re-charge without the challenge of finding a socket.

These come in various power options and can cost from £5 to £150. I tend to opt for one in the £25 to £30 bracket, and while I like to have a plain black one, they come in all sorts of colours and patterns like the bee motif 'Cath Kidston' one pictured. Links for both can be found below...

Shopping Link...

Black 'Juice' power bank

Bee Cath Kidston power bank

3) Rollitex Wheelchair Adapted Trousers

I have been wearing these trousers all Winter (fully machine washable!) for a number of reasons...

They are high cut at the back (12cm higher than normal trousers) and keep your bum covered when sitting in your chair.

They have lowered side pockets as well as two flat thigh pockets (my favourite feature) which mean that you can tuck your phone or wallet in your pocket while sitting in a wheelchair without having to do gymnastics!

These particular trousers are also thermal and I found that they kept my legs warmer than normal trousers without looking like ski wear or feeling bulky.

I also like the fact that they dont have any buttons or seams in 'pressure' places reducing the risk of skin damage.

They're not cheap (around 89 Euros) and are delivered from Germany. However if you can afford them they will last you for a long time as they made well and wash well.

Shopping Link...

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