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What our customers say...

The best way to understand the incredible effect owning an Omeo can have on your life is to hear the testimonies and opinions of the people who are using one...

The Omeo is suitable for people living with a diverse range of disabilities and among other things has helped people:

Go on adventures with friends and family


Continue to work

Gain independence

Improve posture and body strength

Click on the customer names above to read their experience or click on "Read more" below for other customer stories.

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The Omeo

The world's only hands-free, self balancing all-terrain active powered chair - over 30 miles on a single charge.

Orange Omeo


The Adapto includes innovative tech like a height-adjustable seat, intuitive braking system and ability to cover more than 30 miles on a single charge.

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Adapt Ability products

Fancy a walk in the woods or maybe a trip to the beach? At Adapt Ability, we enable people like us to do more of the things we love by using the latest mobility tech.  

The Omeo

The Omeo’s powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform allows you to interact with the world in a new way. 

Man using an Omeo

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Not all wheelchairs are created equal.  Our innovative mobility solutions take you faster to the places you want to go.  

Be bold. Be free. Be you.

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The Adapto

All-terrain with hand-steering capability plus a height-adjustable seat and intuitive braking system.

The Adapto Omeo
Man using Omeo at the beach

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Adapt Ability Ltd is a Member of the BHTA

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Empowerment Through Innovation | Adapt Ability | Proudly Assembled in the UK

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