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The best way to understand the incredible effect owning an Omeo can have on your life, is to hear the testimonies and opinions of the people who are using one...

The Omeo is suitable for people living with a diverse range of disabilities and amongst other things has helped people:

Go on adventures with friends and family


Continue to work

Gain independence

Improve posture and body strength

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The Omeo

The World's Only Hands Free Self Balancing Active Power Chair

"This chair is simply life changing and has opened up the world to me again"

Purchasing an Omeo

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The Omeo

Why Is It  Right for You?

Just four of the reasons that an Omeo is a total game changer...

All Terrain


The Omeo allows you to travel over uneven terrain (sand, gravel, mud etc.) scale inclines and navigate troughs and bumps in the ground, making beaches, woodland and unmade pathways accessible.



Thanks to its advanced built-in safety features, you can enjoy the highest levels of safety anywhere life takes you.



When you use the Omeo on a daily basis, you won’t strain your body. Instead, you’ll shift your body weight in a simple, minimal way and protect it from long-term muscular damage.



In addition to being incredibly functional, the Omeo offers a stylish design in a variety of colours, that’ll allow you to go about your life in complete confidence.

These are just a few of the incredible features that the Omeo delivers.

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