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The Omeo

The world's only hands-free self balancing active powered chair

"This chair is simply life changing and has opened up the world to me again"

Green Omeo spinning

The Omeo

Why is it right for you?

Just four of the reasons that an Omeo is a total game changer...



The Omeo allows you to travel over uneven terrain (sand, gravel, mud etc), scale inclines and navigate troughs and bumps in the ground, making beaches, woodland and unmade pathways accessible.



Thanks to its advanced built-in safety features, you can enjoy the highest levels of safety anywhere life takes you.



When you use the Omeo on a daily basis, you won’t strain your body. Instead, you’ll shift your body weight in a simple, minimal way and protect it from long-term muscular damage.



In addition to being incredibly functional, the Omeo offers a stylish design in a variety of colours, that’ll allow you to go about your life in complete confidence.

These are just a few of the incredible features that the Omeo delivers.

Click below to see all of the Omeo's key attributes.

Designed and built with the best safety and the most unique features of any self-balancing personal transportation device.

Grab life by the wheels

Feel Independent

The Omeo’s powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform allows you to interact with the world in a new way. With balance-based movements, you get to express your individuality in a way no other mobility device allows.


For everyday use, the Omeo comes in a standard set-up designed to make the day easier. The compact footprint easily fits through standard doorways and lets you turn on the spot, while the hands-free movement makes carrying items and pushing objects effortless.


With class leading all-terrain capability, the Omeo will allow you to get to places that were previously unreachable. Now you can travel over uneven terrain, scale inclines and navigate troughs, while always remaining level in your seat.


This unrivalled capability now means beaches, forests, tracks and unmade pathways are accessible.

orange Omeo

Innovative features

Zero turn capability

Perfect for tight spaces

The Omeo will turn 360 degrees on the spot making narrow spaces easy to navigate. Its compact size (no wider than a standard wheelchair) means that it will fit through most standard doorways, making the Omeo an impressively versatile indoor/outdoor powered chair.

The curved seat pan captures the legs – providing support for control

Adjustable positioning and height at 4 screw point in the Seat Pan

Great results from pressure mapping tests

The overall design is supportive and comfortable for a wide range of body types

Core features of sitting a wide range of people upright

Self-levelling in the act of braking, going down hills and through dips – so you never feel as if you are going to fall out the front

Get a great core workout – whatever muscles you have are being used with the freedom of movement

Innovative Features

Comfort, pressure release and fitness benefits

The most defining feature of the Omeo is its patented Active Seat Control system

The Active Seat Control (ASC) system is a unique control interface from person to machine in which you control the direction, speed and braking through body movements. You are not only getting a physical workout when using the ASC, but your mind is constantly being engaged with the need to control and be aware of your body in space. Just as happens when you are walking!

The intuitiveness of the Omeo’s ASC gives you body language – improving the quality of conversations - and it also makes moving within a crowd easy. Add the agility, precise movement and accuracy of the Omeo and it often feels like you have lateral movement.

The removable/replaceable seat cushion is made from comfortable hi-tech foam and, combined with the active movement you use to control the Omeo, provides constant micro pressure release.

The combination of the seat pan, seat positions, backrest and cushions makes for the ultimate support, comfort and control. Feedback from leading seating specialists is that they "wouldn’t change a thing”.

blue Omeo

Speed control

One of the key attractions is that the Omeo will travel up to 20kph/12mph.

Where areas have restrictions, it is possible to limit the speed on your Omeo to 4,6 or 8mph on your info key.

Up to 12mph

We are big on security

Security features

The Omeo can only be powered on with the info key. So as long as you have the info key with you, no one can get on your Omeo and drive away with it. The info key also has a security lock function that, when activated, will trigger an alarm if anyone tries to move your Omeo.

The fact that the info key is your 'ignition' and can be separated from the Omeo is particularly useful for flying with your Omeo, as many airlines consider this a safety feature.

We are big on safety

Safety measures

Although the Omeo has the best safety and back-up features of any self-balancing device, we will always spend time with you when delivering your Omeo to give you ample safety training and to ensure you feel confident on your Omeo before venturing out.


We do recommend that you wear a safety helmet as well as any other protection you think you will need when riding.

You should always use the Omeo responsibly and within your limits. Always be mindful of the safety of others eg travel at a pedestrian pace in busy confined areas.

The Omeo has dual system back-ups to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (eg battery levels), as well as in built-in safety features that won’t leave you stranded. This is all outlined in the user materials provided with your Omeo.

AddaptX Ltd cannot accept responsibility for your safety if the Omeo is used irresponsibly or for anything other than its purpose.

Innovative features


The Omeo is the only self-balancing chair that can be operated using your body alone

At all times the forward and backwards movement is controlled via tilting the seat by shifting your body weight forward and back. However, you have the option to control left and right movements via either a joystick located on the arm or via tilting the seat left and right by shifting your body weight.


This incredible feature allows you to ride the Omeo totally hands free, giving you greater independence.

green Omeo

Weight restrictions

The recommended maximum weight is 110kg. There is no warranty for users over 110kg or 17.3 stone.

The recommended minimum weight is 40kg or 6.3 stone.

Up to 110kg

Innovative features

All-terrain capability

Take your Omeo just about anywhere

By changing the standard tyres to a set of off-road tyres (supplied separately) you can increase the all-terrain ability of the Omeo even further!


The tyres come with a set of wide flared mud guards that protect the rider from splashes from the tyres and ground.


As well as opening the rider up to a greater range of terrains, the wider, lower pressure tyres provide a great feeling of suspension. They give great traction on soft sand, thick gravel and snow to name a few.  Not only this, the turf style thread on the tyres mean they are gentle on delicate surfaces such as lawns, golf courses and other fragile flora.


The off-road kit increases the width of the Omeo to 850cm/33inches.

black omeo
Omeo technical specifications

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