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The Adapto

The Adapto is our new gyro-based powered wheelchair. It’s a game-changer with its seat-balancing tech, extensive travel range and all-terrrain capability but it’s hand-steered and also features an innovative height-adjustable seat. 

The Adapto is for you if you want to regain your independence and explore new experiences and places with the people you love.

The Adapto

Where do you want to go today?

Combining Swedish design with the latest tech for 

a wheelchair as unique as you

Innovative Features

Why is it right for you?

The Adapto is our new gyro-based powered wheelchair. It’s a game-changer with its self-balancing tech, up to 35-mile range and all-terrrain capability but it’s hand-steered and also features an innovative

height-adjustable seat. 


The Adapto is for you if you want to regain your independence and explore new experiences and places with the people you love. 

The curved seat pan captures the legs – providing support for control

Adjustable positioning and height at 4 screw point in the Seat Pan

Great results from pressure mapping tests

The overall design is supportive and comfortable for a wide range of body types

Core features of sitting a wide range of people upright

Self-levelling in the act of braking, going down hills and through dips – so you never feel as if you are going to fall out the front

Get a great core workout – whatever muscles you have are being used with the freedom of movement

Innovative Features

Adapto & Segway

The Adapto has a manual parking solution with four feet touching the ground. This robust parking gear enables the user to make a safe transfer over to the Adapto. The steering is removable with a click function, which disconnects it from the bottom part of the Segway. It is available in two versions, straight and curved, and both versions have an adjustable stem.  


The Adapto can be purchased without a Segway, allowing you to fit it to a previously owned unit or buy a second hand model reducing the cost of purchase.

We are big on security

Security Features

The Adapto can only be powered on with the info key, so as long as you have the info key with you, no one can get on your Adapto and drive away with it. The info key also has a security lock function that, when activated, will trigger an alarm if anyone tries to move your Adapto.

The fact that the info key is your 'ignition' and can be separated from the Adapto, is particularly useful for flying with your Adapto, as many airlines consider this a safety requirement.

We are big on safety

Safety Measures

Although the Adapto has the best safety and back-up features, we will always spend time with you when delivering your Adapto, to give you ample safety training and to ensure you feel confident on your Adapto before venturing out.


We do recommend that you wear a safety helmet as well as any other protection you think you will need when riding.

You should always use the Adapto responsibly and within your limits. Always be mindful of the safety of others eg travel at a pedestrian pace in busy confined areas.

The Adapto has dual system back-ups to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (eg battery levels), as well as in built-in safety features that won’t leave you stranded. This is all outlined in the User Materials provided with your Adapto.

AddaptX cannot accept responsibility for your safety if the Adapto is used irresponsibly or for anything other than its purpose.

Designed for Comfort

Combining innovation with functionality

  • Height-adjustable seat – can be electronically raised by up to 14cms, ensuring you feel part of the conversation when joining friends in cafe/bars with higher tables or stools, while contributing to better posture and circulation

  • Self-levelling technology – ensuring comfort whatever the surface, for a smoother and more enjoyable ride

  • Faster braking distance – the spring-dampening function enables the seat to move backwards and forwards, safely altering weight distribution when needed

  • Zero degree turn capability – perfect for those tight spots on public transport, lifts, cafes or shops

  • All-terrain – covers grass, gravel, sand and uneven/sloping surfaces with ease

  • Travels over 30 miles on a single charge – top speed 12mph

  • The Adapto weighs 80-90kg, depending on tyres and additional equipment

  • The width and length of the Adapto is 83cm x 83cm

  • The Adapto will suit those who weigh between 45kg and 100kg

  • Price starting from £13,500, with dedicated customer support and aftersale service provided by our caring team 

Innovative Features

Height-adjustable seat

The height-adjustable seat is one of the more prominent features that provide a range of benefits. The adjustable seat makes it possible to sit between 60-75 cms above the ground, where the highest position enables the user to sit at a comfortable conversation height.


The height-adjustable seat also makes it possible to find the perfect angle for knees versus lower back, which contributes to a better posture and circulation. The Air Ride, which is built into the height-adjustable seat, also works as a shock absorber making obstacles such as kerbs and uneven ground less tiring. The seat is designed for maximum comfort allowing many to use it all day. 

The Air Ride

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