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Help with funding

It's not always easy to raise the funds needed for mobility equipment. There are a few different options available to help with funding your Omeo depending on your specific circumstances...

ACCESS TO WORK is a government run scheme that assists people with what they need to carry out their work. They have agreed funding for a number of our customers. You can find out more information and apply here...Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: Apply for an Access to Work grant - GOV.UK (

CHARITIES Some are associated with a specific trade eg Perennial for gardeners, and others for specific conditions e.g SIA for spinal cord injury.

FUNDRAISING Some of our customers have had crowdfunding set up for them by friends and family on platforms like JUST GIVING

WHEELCHAIR SERVICES You can use your wheelchair voucher towards the purchase of an Omeo

green Omeo spinning

Purchasing your Omeo

If you are interested in purchasing an Omeo you can do so via the Place Order button or call us on 0203 2894939.


It is important to us that the Omeo is a safe and suitable purchase for all of our customers and we will ask you to answer a few short questions about your condition and mobility prior to a trial or purchase.


We strongly advise anyone to have a trial of the Omeo before purchasing, and you can organise this directly via the Book a Trial button.

Standard Omeo


Off-road kit case

Protect your Omeo and accessories while travelling with our robust,

heavy duty canvas travel cases.

Omeo off-road kit case

Off-road kit case


Off-road kit

Expand the off-road capability of your Omeo with a set of wider, heavier tread off-road tyres.


A pair of wide flared mud guards and fitting screws are included.


The tyres are easy to remove and fit via 3 nuts on each wheel.

Omeo off-road kit

Off-road kit


Omeo travel case

Protect your Omeo and accessories while travelling with our robust,

heavy duty canvas travel cases.

Omeo canvas travel case

Canvas travel case


Omeo mobile phone holder

Every Omeo is fitted with a Starport which allows you to attach various cool and functional accessories to your Omeo.


This mobile phone accessory holds your phone or other mobile device in its spring- loaded arms. Neoprene rubber pads give high gripping power and for extra peace of mind the adjustable, UV stabilised, Eurethane rubber retaining strap ensures your device goes nowhere, even in the most rugged environment.

Omeo mobile phone holder

Phone holder


Omeo fishing rod/ umbrella holder

The UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced plastic rod tube doubles as both a fishing rod and an umbrella holder and can be angled up and down as well as rotated through 360 degrees.

Omeo umbrella holder

Umbrella holder


Omeo cup holder

The Omeo cup holder is a convenient accessory to hold your cup, coffee mug, drink can or drink bottle securely. It also serves as a useful holder for keys, sweets and any other small bits and pieces you like to carry around with you.

Omeo cup holder

Cup holder


What our customers say...

The best way to understand the incredible effect owning an Omeo can have on your life is to hear the testimonies and opinions of the people who are using one...

The Omeo is suitable for people living with a diverse range of disabilities and amongst other things has helped people:

Go on adventures with friends and family


Continue to work

Gain independence

Improve posture and body strength

 Win tickets to Paris 2024 Paralympic 

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