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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Cristian is 31 and sustained a spinal cord injury at T4 level in 2011, rendering him completely paralysed from the chest down. He has been using his Omeo for 4 years. Here is his experience in his own words…

'I Sold Whatever I Could Find In The House'

I did not understand just how debilitating depression could be until I came to the realisation that I will never walk again. After my spinal cord injury, I spent my life holed up inside the safety of my home. I did not want to speak to anyone, I did not want to be seen by anyone. My comfort in life was my dog and the vast number of animal videos available on YouTube.

I came across the Omeo as a Kickstarter campaign and I was mesmerised. I sold whatever I could find in the house and took the plunge of placing an order.

When my Omeo arrived I transferred onto it, attached a lead on my dog, and left the house to visit the local woodlands. I was so intoxicated with my new sense of independence that I don’t remember much else that day other than the tears of happiness rolling down my face, the ecstatic and confused look on my dog for actually being outside with me, and the constant comments of awe from passers-by expressing just how cool I look.

Since then, the Omeo has completely improved both the quality of my life and my outlook towards life. I simply cannot find a reason to stay at home. There is nothing for me there anymore. Disability? What disability? If you need me, you’ll find me in the local woods, zipping around with my dog and my son taking pictures of the foxes!


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