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14th March 2023 - Omeo Experience Day

“Joy - a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”

'I'm honestly blown away by both the product and the founders Matt, and Cristian.'

"My own personal experience of this wheelchair was beautiful. I woke up eager at 6am, was concerned about my core strength so smashed out a 2 hour workout. There was an hour to go and the sun was coming out, humidity was perfect; pathetic fallacy I suppose. 🤣👌🏾

My balance is something I’m most aware of, understanding how body language comes across, it makes me more conscious in ensuring, however I’m sat it’s as natural as possible. The Omeo by Adapt Ability is perhaps the most useful tool I’ve been had the privellege of using, and it’s beautiful! To be able to sit up right, with my shoulders relaxed and still have the ability to manueover gives access to possibilities that wouldn’t have otherwise been there. I’m honestly blown away by both the product and the founders Matt, and Cristian. Having met Matt and spoken to Cristian and of course seeing them on Dragons Dens has been the breakthrough I’ve needed.

I just wanted to share the experience. It’s come across so well and those friends and loved ones whom have been, seen or apart of my journey really solidified my belief that this is really; as Adapt Ability put it “empowerment through innovation.” We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and these guys have definitely made such a wonderful contribution by enabling individuals like myself of such experience days. I would highly recommend!

As you read, I hope you take my underpinning message of joy, there has been so much suffering since the 13th of March 2020, I think it’s time we as a collective embrace and search for joy."


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