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Introducing the Adapto – our exciting new all-terrain powered wheelchair!

Adapto Wheelchair

Fancy a walk in the woods or maybe a trip to the beach? At Adapt Ability, we enable people like us to do more of the things we love by using the latest mobility tech.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve just added another life-changing piece of kit to our range.

Yes, the all-terrain Adapto powered wheelchair is here!

The Adapto complements the Omeo, which has had people talking since millions of you saw us with it on BBC1’s Dragons’ Den.

Now we’re confident the Adapto can create a buzz too as it brings the same freedom and independence – with the extra benefit of its more accessible price (starting from £9,995).

As Adapt Ability directors Cristian Brownlee and Matt Walker explain: ‘The heart of our business is a social enterprise – our goal is to improve people’s lives by offering the equipment they need to integrate back into society.

‘With the launch of the Adapto, we’re extremely excited to be able to offer yet another innovative product designed to maximise the freedom of people with mobility impairments.’

Packed with innovative features

So why are we so excited about the Adapto?

First, there’s the innovative tech that sets this hand-steered gyro-based wheelchair apart.

This includes the Adapto’s height-adjustable seat, intuitive braking system and ability to cover up to 35 miles on a single charge – plus its zero degree turn capability in tight spaces such as cafes, shops and lifts.

In fact, that height-adjustable seat is, quite literally, a talking point.

That’s because it can be electronically raised by up to 14cms, enabling users to ‘join the conversation’ when out with friends, at work or simply pottering around. It also contributes to better posture and circulation so you don’t just look good, you feel good too.

Gravel, grass, forest, beach or slopes… take your pick – the Adapto’s self-levelling tech and pneumatic tyres also ensure comfort whatever the terrain, while its ‘Air Ride’ cushion is the same used in long-distance trucks.

That means users can stay out for longer without feeling jaded or tired.

As a bonus, the Adapto can be personalised with various backrests and pressure-relieving cushions to meet the health requirements of the user, as well as a choice of colours – from Ferrari red and racing green to a smart (or maybe blingy) gold!

Tried and trusted over years

Secondly, we’re excited because the Adapto already has a fantastic record of positive first-hand feedback following its launch in Sweden in 2012.

It was here that wheelchair-user Marit Sundin first dreamed up the idea on which the Adapto is based after seeing a Segway in action. Keen to develop one for herself, Marit asked Design Engineer Ian Thompson to design a new gyro-based wheelchair for her… and so he did.

In the years since, the AddSeat (as it was called) has been continuously developed to reflect the experience and needs of users around the world.

It now has a reassuring reputation as a robust piece of kit that is engineered to last, and easy to service and maintain.

Opening up a whole new world

Mike Redford, Chairman of AddaptX which manufactures and distributes the Adapto and is now the parent company of Adapt Ability, has been involved in the wheelchair’s international journey since 2015.

He agrees that seeing the physical, psychological and emotional difference it has made to so many people is one of the best parts of his job.

‘The Adapto gives the user more independence – it puts them in control – but it also changes the lives of the people around them,’ he explains, citing several examples of customers who have benefitted from the doors it has unlocked both socially and at work too.

‘The Adapto opens up a new world by making more places accessible for the person to enjoy with their partner, family or group of friends. They can do things like hold hands or make eye contact more easily because they’re on the same level when they’re out.’

So as well as the ‘big’ things, the Adapto is about the ‘little’ things that aren’t actually so little at all?

‘Yes,’ says Mike. ‘I get lovely letters from people saying ‘this has changed my life’. It’s something very special, it really is.’

Exciting times ahead

Looking ahead, Mike is excited to be driving forward the mobility tech sector as it evolves – and to be working with Cristian and Matt, who he first saw on TV in February in that nail-biting pitch on Dragons’ Den

‘My partner said, ‘Mike, you’ve got to see these guys!’’ he recalls.

A lot has happened for Mike, the Adapt Ability team and our customers in the months since – and it’s just the start. Watch this space to see where we, the Omeo and the Adapto go next!

Find out more about the Adapto here

Want to take an Adapto for a test drive? You can – at one of our ‘try me’ days this autumn! Check out our dates/locations and book your place here


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