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Updated: May 23, 2022

Josh is 24 and has Cerebral Palsy. Josh has had his Omeo for 6 months now and here is his Omeo experience in his own words...

'My Family Can No Longer Keep Up With Me!'

Over my years, myself and my family have had to adapt and overcome various situations where accessibility to places aren’t quite as good as it should or could be. Some places or areas are only partly accessible and sometimes lead to us having to double back on ourselves.

On my last holiday I wasn’t able to join the rest of my family on the beach as I was in my rather large and heavy electric wheelchair, instead I sat in my wheelchair on the car park with my Dad and we watched as they all enjoyed themselves, we love to do things as a family and unfortunately sometimes we were finding we weren’t always able to do the things we enjoyed because of the limitations of my chair.

We had seen the Omeo in action online and thought WOW, this chair would provide my disability with an ability. The ability to overcome all the restrictions my current chair had, I would be able to enjoy the beach and walks with Friends and family, plus unlimited options which we wouldn’t have even thought of before.

I was thrilled after trialling the Omeo that it was even better than I had expected and that it was suitable for me to use.

I now love using my Omeo, I love the freedom it has given me, I love that it gives me the ability to engage with my family and friends whilst out about and has less restrictions with accessibility, I love that the Omeo is a cool looking piece of kit and speak passionately about its abilities to people who now take the time to speak to me, I also like that I have met some inspiring people already.

So far on my short journey on my Omeo, I’m learning every day and my confidence is growing, my core is getting stronger, and my posture is improving, I’m loving being out and about and had some fun adventures and I’m looking forward to going to the beach later this year.

I’ve been having so much fun in my Omeo, the only problem I now have, is my family can no longer keep up with me.


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