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‘Try me’ days – the easy way to try our tech

Updated: Mar 1

It was Adapt Ability’s star appearance on BBC1’s Dragons’ Den that led to our first ‘try me’ days last year.


‘We were inundated with people who’d seen our Omeo wheelchairs in the Den and wanted a go,’ recalls our Sales Director Matt.  


‘We needed to find a way to get around as many as we could. We saw that booking ‘try me’ days at venues all over the country would give more people the chance to try our tech in a real-life setting that was convenient for them.’


Cue many hours diligently matching road maps and calendars with ‘hot spots’ of customer interest – followed by our first ever ‘try me’ day in London in March 2023.


And this year, we’ve got even more planned in 20+ locations across the UK and Ireland. Check our dates here

Taking time to understand your needs

So what should you expect at a ‘try me’ day?


First up, a friendly personal welcome and no ‘hard sell’.


Matt, our Trial Stylist Darren and/or Ambassador of the North Ava will focus on you as an individual, taking time to understand your needs.  


‘We’re all different. We all have different levels of confidence. Some of us don’t want others watching while we try new tech,’ says Matt. ‘We understand, which is why all our trials are one-to-one.


‘We get to know each person, to find out where and how they want to use our tech. We make the experience bespoke.’

Testing our tech in ‘real life’ places

Secondly, you won’t be bored. ‘Definitely not!’ Matt agrees.


‘Any mobility device can cover flat terrain. At our ‘try me’ days, we want to give people an accessible experience that will challenge them – in a good way.


‘We want them to experience something new, to move in a different way because they’re hands-free, to absorb being in nature without having to focus on the terrain beneath their wheels.


‘We want them to get on the grass, the sand, the forest path – to feel the wind on their face…’


Er, exactly how much wind?


This being Britain, Matt admits the weather can be ‘unpredictable’ but says: ‘We know the Adapto and Omeo wheelchair’s capabilities.


‘We want the ‘bad’ weather! We want the snow! Okay, maybe not torrential rain but we’ll still be there.’


However, he understands that sometimes people need to change their plans. ‘That’s why we’re in touch three days before and on the day itself to check they’re still okay to come.’ 

A shared sense of community 

Thirdly, there’s a genuinely fun side to our ‘try me’ days.


‘I love my Omeo wheelchair and I love being outside, but people might think I’m saying that because it’s my job,’ explains Matt.


‘So we’ve started inviting existing customers to come along, to mingle and share their experience of using our tech.


‘Plus I tell people to do more research after their trial, to look online at Adapt Ability’s videos and see how Adapto and Omeo wheelchair users are always smiling!’

Levelling the field for people like us

But that’s not all, because Matt also uses our ‘try me’ days to spread the word about  Access to Work.


He’s a passionate advocate for this government scheme – not just because many Adapt Ability customers have used it to help buy their tech, but because it can also be used to fund other vital equipment and personal support.


‘Disability is a tough gig and knowledge is key,’ says Matt. ‘Access to Work is about creating a level playing field with people who are able-bodied.


‘We’ve had people who’ve come to a ‘try me’ day, heard about Access to Work and used it to enable themselves to get a job.


‘It makes you feel good when you have a purpose like that.’

Creating that ‘Eureka!’ moment

It’s obvious Matt really loves our ‘try me’ days. What’s the best part?


‘Seeing people who think they can’t use our tech realise within five minutes they can. It’s that ‘Eureka!’ moment.


‘You see the smile start and you know they’re thinking about the difference this could make to their life, their family and the people they care for. It’s great.’


Want to take our tech for a spin? Check our latest ‘try me’ days and book your place here



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