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‘Without Access to Work I wouldn’t be where I am now’

Updated: May 30

Watch Matt talk about the difference Access to Work has made to his life here.

‘Without Access to Work, I probably wouldn’t be happy – I wouldn’t be working with Adapt Ability now.’

A pretty strong statement to make, but it explains why our Sales Director Matt Walker is such a fan of the government scheme which can help you get or stay in work if you have a physical or mental health condition, illness or disability.

And Matt really is a fan of Access to Work, mentioning it to anyone he meets who might benefit from its support.

Levelling the field

‘Access to Work is there to create a level playing field with people who are able-bodied,’ he explains.

As a T10 paraplegic, Matt secured Access to Work funding for a support worker to enable him to continue to grow his previous business – as well as help to buy the Omeo he uses today.

He recalls its effect on his life.

‘All of a sudden, you have purpose again, you feel like you’re contributing again – you have more self-worth. What that enabled me to do was to make the decision to go from my gardening business to working with Adapt Ability.’

You can also find out why Adapt Ability’s teamed up with Mandy-Jayne (M-J) Layce, Director of Accessibility Partners, to make it easier for our customers to apply here.

Getting the support you need

Happlily, like Matt, some of our customers have already used Access to Work to buy their self-balancing tech, but his support for the scheme isn’t just about selling our products.

‘At our ‘try me’ days we always advocate Access to Work with every single person we meet, whether they’re interested in [buying] an Omeo or Adapto or not,’ he says.

‘I tell everybody, yes, you might like this equipment – yes, this might suit your needs for the workplace – but there are probably other things that you also need or other help out there that you’re not fully aware of.

‘That’s why we always guide people to Accessibility Partners and MJ’s amazing team. They’ll talk to you and get a real overview of your life.

‘That’s not about the Omeo or Adapto. It’s about having the right equipment and tools to meet your needs so you can thrive.’


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